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Breast Reduction Fayetteville

Overly large breasts can often be the source of unwanted physical pain or emotional strain. The excess weight on the chest can lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain and can make physical activities uncomfortable–and even things many people take for granted such as finding clothing that fits correctly and sleeping without discomfort can be issues. The Breast Reduction procedure has helped countless women to enjoy a more comfortable, active, and confident life.

In some cases, Breast Reduction surgery may be considered medically necessary and can be covered by health insurance. Excessively large breasts can even develop into skeletal deformities and cause other issues in the back and neck. If you are tired of living with the pain and discomfort of disproportionately large breasts, or if you simply want smaller breasts for your body-confidence and comfort in your skin, contact our office to schedule your consultation to discuss your options.