BodyTite™ in Fayetteville, NC

BodyTite™ is an advanced body sculpting treatment that enables patients to achieve incredible body contouring results with less downtime than other methods. At Renaissance Center for Plastic Surgery & Wellness, we are proud to offer this treatment to patients living in Greensboro, Burlington and Fayetteville, NC.

What is Involved in BodyTite™?

BodyTite™ is a new, minimally invasive body contouring solution that can simultaneously eliminate fat and tighten the skin. The BodyTite™ treatment has many applications, and our patients have loved the results they’ve achieved using BodyTite™ on the arms, legs, abdomen, breasts, and more.

By using radiofrequency energy, the BodyTite™ system melts fat cells and triggers a skin tightening effect via gentle heating. It can also be combined with liposuction (LINK) technology to address larger amounts of fat.

Is BodyTite™ Right for Me?

If you would like to achieve body contouring benefits without the downtime, cost and added risks of surgery, then you may be a good candidate for BodyTite™. If you are considering a BodyTite™ treatment, you may want to view our BodyTite™ before and after pictures.

As with all our procedures, we are proud to offer financing options for the BodyTite™ procedure to make it a more affordable treatment for those who desire it.

How Does BodyTite™ Treatment Work?

The BodyTite™ treatment is performed with local anesthesia, reducing the cost of treatment while also improving your safety. During treatment, a small incision will be made in the desired treatment area. Through this incision, the BodyTite™ device will be inserted. This device will emit gentle radiofrequency energy, melting away fat cells and tightening the skin. At the same time, a small cannula will be removing fat cells from the body to produce your desired results. In many cases, this treatment is completed in under an hour.

What Can I Expect During Recovery From BodyTite™?

Because BodyTite™ is minimally invasive, the recovery from treatment is much faster than that from surgical procedures. You may notice some redness, bruising or general discomfort following your treatment, but these symptoms generally fade within a few days. You will be able to resume work and other normal activities within a week of treatment.

What Results Can I Expect from BodyTite™?

After your BodyTite™ treatment, some results will be visible immediately due to the initial removal of fat. These results will continue to improve for several weeks after treatment, as the skin tightening benefits from BodyTite™ begin to take effect.

The results from the BodyTite™ procedure can be long-lasting and even permanent, depending on your diet and exercise habits. Patients are encouraged to practice healthy lifestyle habits to maintain their results.

Want to learn more about the BodyTite™ procedure? Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Contogiannis. Renaissance Center for Plastic Surgery & Wellness offers this and other body sculpting solutions to the residents of Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensboro, and the surrounding cities of North Carolina.