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Beat Belly Fat with a Tummy Tuck

The stomach is one of the most difficult places to lose weight, which makes it exceptionally frustrating or embarrassing for people with excess stomach fat, sagging skin, or a paunch to wear bikinis or midriff tops.

If you are tired of dealing with extra weight, loose and sagging skin, or a lower abdominal bulge, you should consider an abdominoplasty. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mary Ann Contogiannis is an expert at helping people regain their shape and figure through her skilled use of abdominoplasty.

During an abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, Dr. Contogiannis creates a flatter, more contoured, and more visually satisfying abdomen with tightened abdominal muscles.

So if you want a better-looking stomach and abdomen, contact the Renaissance Center for Plastic Surgery & Wellness today and make an appointment!